My Art Guide Venice 2024

Rebecca Ackroyd: Mirror Stage, 20 Apr 2024 — 24 Nov 2024

Rebecca Ackroyd: Mirror Stage

Desire, disgust, repetition, and fragmentation merge in a soft, semi-hallucinatory experience.

Fondaco Marcello, San Marco 3415, Calle del Traghetto o Ca’ Garzoni, 30124 Venezia

Ackroyd‘s site-specific installation, influenced by Lacan’s mirror stage concept, explores the duality of mirrors as tools for self-insertion into the surrounding world and a symbol of the division between conscious and unconscious states. Through large-scale paintings, drawings, sculptures, and ready-made objects, Ackroyd’s singular processes of replication and casting distort our perception of reality. Desire, disgust, repetition, past, present and fragmentation merge in a soft, semi-hallucinatory experience.